How to Use
The Statewide Vendor Directory is a tool used to search for products and services within your industry. There are several search tools located within the Directory to help you find what you are looking for. Learn how to use the Directory efficiently by following these basic tips:

Browse Home Screen Categories
The easiest way to navigate the Statewide Vendor Directory is to browse the categories listed on the home page. In the center of the screen on the home page of the Directory, you will find major categories (super categories) with subcategories located underneath. Each of those categories will contain company listings. You will find companies listed alphabetically within each subcategory.

Basic Search: Keyword
Enter any word or phrase into the field next to "I'm looking for . . " to find all listings containing that word or phrase. For example, a query of "accounting services" will present all listings that offer accounting services and other financial assistance and will pull companies from categories that include that keyword.

Advanced Search: Category and/or City:
If you need a more refined search about a type of product or service, select "Advanced Search" next to the Search button and choose from one of the five options in the "Search By:" menu. To search by product category or city, select "Category and/or City" from the "Search By:" drop-down menu. Next, pick a city from the left drop-down menu and a product/service from the right menu. Click "Search" to find all listings within your selected product/service category and city.

Advanced Search: Chapter/Category:
Select this option if you want to search for members/listings by chapter. Select a chapter name from the left-hand "Search For:" menu and a product/service category from the right-hand menu. Click "Search" to find all listings within your selected product/service category and city.

Advanced Search: Company & Contact Name
Select "Company Name" from the "Search By:" menu and type the name of a company in which you are interested in learning more about. Exact spelling is not necessary, though your results will be more accurate if you know the correct spelling of the company you are trying to find. Select "Contact Name" form the "Search By:" menu and type a partial or complete name to find listings containing that name.

Advanced Search: Radius/Category Search
The Radius search is useful if you need to find vendors local to you or to another location, or if you would like to conduct a search for vendors within a large metropolitan area. Select "Radius" from the "Search By:" menu and then select the number of miles extending around your ZIP code from which you would like to pull listed vendors. You can further refine your search by selecting a product/service category.

RFP Automator:
Request more information or a quote from the companies of your choice with the RFP (Request for Proposal) Automator.

Four easy steps:
1. Click on "RFP Automator" at the top of the home page.
2. Choose a product or service category.
3. Select the companies you want to contact, and enter your email address and phone number. You can also attach a PDF with additional specifications if desired.
4. Click "Send Request."

If you have further questions about how to navigate and use the Directory, please contact your Naylor representative for assistance.